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Laplacian energy of Directed Graphs by

by K.K.K.R. Perera, Y. Mizoguchi,International Conference on Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics, July 12-16,2010,Korea.

fileLaplacian Energy of Directed Graphs.pdf

Haskell Modules for Automata and Sticker Systems

by K.K.K.R. Perera, Y. Mizoguchi,
Joint Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Kyushu,
12-1A-05, Sept. 2008.

We realized operations appeared in the theory of automata using Haskell languages. Using the benefits of functions of lazy evaluations in Haskell, we can express a language set which contains infinite elements as a concrete functional notations like as mathematical notations.
Our modules can be used not only for analyzing the properties about automata and their application systems but also for self study materials or tutorial to learn automata, grammar and language theories.
We also implemented the modules for sticker systems. Rozenberg explained one concrete method to transform an automaton to a sticker system in 1998. We modified their definitions and improved their insufficient results.

To introduce an efficient Haskell modules for computing automata and stickers and get an opinions and comments from others about the research.


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